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10 Causes of Blood in Your Urine

pain-during-urinationThe presence of blood in the urine is a condition known as hematuria. When this happens the kidneys or various other segments of the urinary tract let blood cells leak into the urine. The condition may be caused by different reasons that can include the following.

1. Infections of the urinary tract

Also known as UTIs, infections of the urinary tract can occur in the kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra. Urine passes through these structures before being eliminated from the body and any part of the tract can become infected. Typically, the farther up the infection is detected in the tract, the more severe it is.

UTIs happen when bacteria infiltrate the body via the individual’s urethra and starts to multiply inside the bladder. As a result, uncomfortable symptoms like the need to urinate frequently, burning and pain while urinating, foul smelling urine and the presence of blood in the urine can be noticed.

2. Kidney infections

In the case of kidney infections, bacteria enter the kidneys from the blood stream. The same can also happen when bacteria present in the ureters starts to progress up towards the kidneys and trigger an infection there.

Symptoms of kidneys infections usually come on within a few hours and sensations like feeling feverish, shivery and sick can be felt by the individual. Some people may also experience pain in the back or the side while some others may notice the appearance of blood in their urine or see that the urine has turned red or brown because it has blood in it.

3. Kidney or bladder stone

Another reason for the presence of blood in urine is the formation of kidney or bladder stones. These stones are concentrated minerals in the urine that sometimes form crystals on bladder or kidneys walls.

As time passes, these formations harden creating small stones which are initially painless. However, complications can arise if the stones get lodged in smaller vessels and create a blockage in the system. Symptoms of kidney or bladder stones can be very noticeable since they can bring on excruciating pain as well as bleeding detected in the urine.