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10 Common Symptoms of Depression

More people suffer from depression than you might think. Millions of people suffer from depression and depression comes in many different types and forms. The most common type of depression is clinical depression and some causes include sadness, loss of interest in activities that were once a common event and even thoughts of suicide. There are many symptoms of depression that doctors look for to diagnose their patients. However, if you are feeling sad or you are worried that a loved one or friend may be suffering from depression, here are a few signs and symptoms to look for before getting that person the help and treatment they need. Listed below are the top 10 most common symptoms of depression that you should look out for.

General Irritability

Some people that suffer from depression may not necessarily seem blue or sad, but they may seem very short tempered and irritated at the smallest of things; even if it did not affect them in the past. This is most common in men and can really show a warning sign among men. These men may get angry about their feelings being low and can easily lash out at anyone regardless of the person. Men often get angry after constantly feeling depressed or experiencing low feelings. This may be noticeable to family and close friends. You may notice that the person is more standoff-ish, and the smallest of discrepancies may cause them to get very irritated, irritable and very angry in some cases. Do your best to calm down the person with this symptom and pay attention to other symptoms that may be present. If you know someone that is suffering from any of the symptoms listed, it is recommended that they seek medical attention before any of the symptoms become worse.

Inability to Concentrate

People that are battling depression may find themselves not being able to concentrate on many things that are part of their daily routine. This is a result of not having an interest in daily activities that they once used to enjoy. This difficulty to concentrate is called psychomotor retardation and it means that the brain is unable to process information as it normally does and the process has also slowed down. This makes it almost impossible to complete daily tasks that would otherwise be very easy to achieve. When a person is suffering from depression, it affects the entire brain and causes the brain to think of depressing thoughts. Any other thoughts not related to something sad, that may be thought about by a person battling depression, may not be received, and the brain may not focus on these other thoughts. The only thing that the brain is concentrating on is sad and depressed and just feeling horrible.