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10 Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

prolonged coughing

Prolonged Coughing

Many times people think nothing of a lingering cough. They might put it out of their mind thinking that it’s normal or just an allergy. Although, this is not something to be taken lightly and often it is caused by fluid in the lungs. People may experience a cough with phlegm that will be pink in color as well. If the coughing is worse when you lie on your back, that is a pretty clear indicator it is a fluid buildup. This coughing and phlegm can be a serious symptom of heart disease and should not be ignored.

Feeling Light Headed

While dehydration is another cause of dizziness, there are many heart disorders that can cause light-headedness as well. Because the heart is in charge of delivering blood to the brain, it’s can make someone faint if there isn’t enough blood supply. If you often feel dizzy when you stand up, this symptom should not be ignored and you should talk to your doctor right away.

Swollen Body Parts

Swollen body parts are a condition referred to as edema. Edema has been linked to heart disease and can be an early warning sign. Again, because the heart is in charge of delivering blood to the extremities, if it’s not working properly, the blood vessels may be affected and begin to leak fluid into the body parts. It’s actually quite hard to notice swelling unless you’re looking for it but it will often be a subtle puffiness of the feet or hands. Pay close attention if you have this symptom mixed with others as it shouldn’t be ignored.