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10 Early Symptoms of Liver Disease

feeling under the weather

Many people don’t know that the biggest organ in their body is their liver. The liver is in charge of removing, not only toxins from the body, but standard waste as well. Most people are completely unaware of what the early symptoms of liver problems are and this is why liver disease has become more widespread. Many people don’t know how much damage they are doing to their liver month after month and only react when the symptoms become severe. Thinking preventatively about liver health can help reduce your risk of serious health conditions. First of all, people desperately need an overhaul on how to take care of their liver and secondly, they need to know the signs that something is going wrong. There are many types of liver disease that are caused by various factors. When something goes wrong in your liver, it affects your energy levels and your digestion. Liver problems are not to be taken lightly as they can be fatal. Once you know these 10 early symptoms of liver disease, you’ll be able to spot them in yourself and loved ones so you can adjust your diet and lifestyle before more serious issues arise.

Feeling “Under the Weather”

Unfortunately, many people are used to simply not feeling well. They believe it’s a part of life because they may have not felt well for an extended period of time. Feeling unwell without a specific explanation can be due to a buildup of toxins in the body. When the liver isn’t able to function properly and the waste isn’t removed from the body, the waste will enter your bloodstream and cause other early signs of a liver condition. It’s important to remember that just because you don’t have liver pain, doesn’t mean your liver is healthy.

Yellowing of the Skin and Eyes

Looking unhealthy is a clear sign of liver problems. A yellowing of the skin and eyes is a called jaundice. Other symptoms of jaundice will be that the stool is a lighter color or the urine is darker than usual. The reason we know jaundice is a result of a poorly functioning liver is because the yellow pigment that is changing the color of the eyes and skin is usually removed through the liver. This pigment is called bilirubin and it is known that when the liver isn’t breaking down and removing toxins this pigment circulates throughout the body.


Energy comes from high levels of oxygen in the blood. If the blood is full of toxins because the liver isn’t eliminating them regularly, your energy levels will be very low. If you feel like you need to sleep all the time, your blood may not be healthy. If you notice you are more fatigued than other people, it may be other issues as well such as an intolerance to gluten. It’s best to look closely at your diet and alcohol consumption to see if your body needs a more clean intake of substances.