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10 Early Symptoms of Liver Disease

pain in the stomach

Pain in the Stomach

Most people would not equate pain in the stomach to their liver. This organ is on your right side and sometimes you may experience pain in the lower part of the rib cage if the liver is not functioning properly. The kidney’s are just below the liver and unfortunately many times people think they have back pain or stomach pain when it is actually problems with the organs related to waste build up. Regular removal of waste through proper digestion is key to reducing pain in the body. Tenderness, sharpness, or back pain, especially on the right side, should not be ignored because it could mean you have early signs of liver disease.

Other Stomach Problems

If you get acid reflux or frequently feel nauseous, this can be a clear sign of liver disease onset. If you feel like the simplest foods are making you sick, it may be because your body is in a toxic and acidic state causing it to not be able to break down foods properly. While a gluten intolerance can also cause these symptoms, you can’t rule out a liver problem until you see a medical doctor. If you drink a lot of alcohol, are frequently dehydrated, have frequent headaches, or eat a lot of processed food, chances are these symptoms will eventually develop.

Distended Stomach

Your stomach may also appear to be pregnant because of liver disease. This is a condition called ascites and you will have the feeling that you just ate a big meal; this can even spread downward into the legs and feet. If you feel this is happening to you, it would be a good idea to stop drinking and do a full liver cleanse as well as adopt a healthy and clean diet. Plant based diets that are anti-inflammatory and include 7-9 servings of fruits and vegetables will help purify the liver and help it function better. The fluid retention of ascites can be very uncomfortable and it can lead to more serious health problems.