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10 Early Symptoms of Liver Disease

unusual bleeding

Unusual Bleeding

Blood clots occur when the proper proteins are produced by the liver. If the blood is unhealthy, you may experience more bleeding than usual if you are cut. Some people also get nose bleeds more often.

Skin Itchiness

Because your blood runs right under the skin, if it’s full of toxins it can cause itchiness. Most people would think they are having an allergic reaction to a product or food they ate, or even a bug bite but they wouldn’t think it’s that their liver isn’t functioning. If your skin is flaking this can also be a sign of liver disease. Furthermore, the extremities can become red and the veins can show if you have serious liver problems. These symptoms are hard for people to mentally correlate to their liver and it’s even harder for them to know how their diet and drinking are creating these issues.

Emotional Swings and Memory Loss

This is one of the hardest things for people to recognize in themselves and it’s even harder for them to see that it’s diet related and caused by a failing or deteriorating liver. There is also a serious brain condition that can affect the brain from toxin build up associated with liver disease. This condition, hepatic encephalopathy, comes from toxic build up in the blood and can impair the functioning of the brain. Pay attention to abnormal emotional swings or abnormal confusion because it could be stemming from liver disease.

Decreased Appetite

When someone doesn’t feel like eating, it should not be ignored. While there are a slew of reasons this can happen, liver disease is one of them and it can be an indicator of an advanced stage of liver disease. Often this decreased appetite will come with other symptoms as well.