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10 Foods High in Iodine

white-bread3. White bread

The whole world is telling you to eat brown bread these days, and while it is certainly healthier for you in lots of respects, it doesn’t contain as much iodine. White bread is ideal for people with an iodine deficiency, as just two slices of it will contain about 30% of the iodine you need in one day. This is about 45 micrograms overall – and, the bread still only comes to about 132 calories.

4. Cranberries

Cranberries are the deep red berries that have a flavour that is incomparable to any other fruit. The berries are rich in iodine, containing around 400 micrograms in a four ounce serving, which is well over twice the amount of your daily requirements. If you like eating cranberries, be sure to restrict the quantity that you eat to only a small amount each day, as over a long period of time it could have an adverse effect on your thyroid.

5. Codfish

Cod is a common and popular fish that is actually being replaced by other cheaper fish at the moment, as a result of its numbers being depleted in recent years. Regardless, it is still a great source of iodine. It also contains lots of other nutrients, including calcium, protein and vitamin E, making it perfect for keeping your bones healthy.

In a typical three ounce serving you’ll get around 100 micrograms of iodine.

6. Dried seaweed

Popular in Asian food, dried seaweed is extremely rich in iodine, meaning it’s something you shouldn’t eat all the time. A small quarter ounce serving contains a massive 4,500 micrograms of iodine, which is over 3,000% of the amount you need in one day.

Be sure to consume it in small portions when you do eat it, in order to gain the health benefits without causing any problems with your thyroid.