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10 Foods High In Protein

Beef Jerky

Protein is an essential part of our diets, but it can be easy to forget about how much of it we’re eating. With so many different nutrients being essential for our good health and wellbeing, we can quickly lose track of the nutritional value of our food.

Remember that your nails and hair are made up mostly of protein, and protein is used in the body to repair your tissue, create enzymes and perform a number of chemical functions. So, if you think you’re not getting enough of the stuff, take a look at these 10 foods high in protein and consider implementing them into your diet!

1. Beef jerky

Jerky is a term that refers to any kind of lean meat that has all the fat tripped off it, been cut into strips and then dried, instead of cooked. Technically the meat is raw, but the drying process removes any possibly harmful bacteria and makes it entirely safe to eat.

It is notorious for being tough and chewy, as a result of there being no moisture, but it’s packed full of nutrients and is really very good for you.

You can also buy a wide range of jerkies, including beef, that have been flavored with marinades, spices or through smoking. Whatever variety you like, as long as it has not additives added to the recipe, it’s really good for you – and it’s high in protein, too. Jerky is regularly used by bodybuilders and health enthusiasts as a healthy and tasty source of protein.

In 100g of average jerky, you’ll get around 270kcal of energy, less than 2g of fat and a massive 72-73g of protein. This means that almost all of the jerky you eat is made up of protein, and being low-fat in nature means it can help you stay slim and lean, as well as healthy. It’s the perfect addition to your diet whether you’re attempting to lose weight, stay slim or just maintain a healthier daily routine.

Whether you’re out on a hike, doing some exercise in the gym, lifting weights, or just busy during a work day, beef jerky is a great healthy snack to add to your daily diet, and is really good for you. Not only is it high in protein, but it’s also rich in creatine – just be sure to avoid the brands that add sugar, as these have negative health effects for no real reason. Sugar is not necessary to make beef jerky taste great!

2. Tofu

Tofu is often considered to be purely a food for vegetarians, but it’s actually a Chinese food that has been used for generations in a wide range of dishes. It’s a food that is made by coagulating soy milk and then taking those curds, and pressing them until they form solid blocks. There are lots of different kinds of tofu, all of which have been processed differently – so, some tofu might be form, while other tofu might be loose.

Tofu does have a natural flavour, but many people like to use tofu as a blank canvas. When cooking with other ingredients, tofu takes on the flavour of the other things in the pan. This makes it incredibly versatile, and far more than just a meat replacement for alternatives.

In a typical serving of 100g, tofu contains just 76 calories and 4.8g of fat. It also contains almost twice the amount of protein than it does fat, with 8g of protein in a regular 100g serving of the food.

It’s rich in potassium, and also contains over 180% of your recommended daily allowance of manganese. This is important as manganese helps keep your bones strong, and metabolize carbohydrates in your body. It also helps metabolize cholesterol and amino acids.

Specifically, tofu is a great source of protein for just after you have exercised. It is around 25% unsaturated fat, meaning that it will increase your blood flow by almost 50% after exercising. These unsaturated fats there encourage anti-inflammatory chemicals to go to the aid of your muscles, helping them recover and grow stronger.

For 2,00 years, this food has proven extremely good for the body, and versatile in a wide range of East Asian and Southeast Asian dishes, and today it remains one of the healthiest things you can eat. Try serving with vegetables, nuts or meat, along with some of your favorite spices!