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10 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

strengthens bones

When it comes to brain health, omega fatty acids are all the rage. They have been found to help reduce ADD and ADHD and chia seeds are a great source of them for vegetarians and vegans who don’t want to take fish oils. They are considered a superfood because of the variety of valuable nutrients in them that give you so much of the daily nutrients your body needs, like protein and calcium. These seeds are also popular because they are so easy to prepare and to clean up which is great for people with a busy lifestyle who don’t want to sacrifice their health.

Strengthens Bones

Believe it or not, chia seeds have more calcium than dairy products. So, if you’re looking to strengthen your bones, this is a food without the high fat content associated with consuming dairy products. Many people develop an intolerance, even if it’s just mild, to dairy as they get older. When calcium intake becomes a concern, chia seeds are an excellent supplement to your diet. You can also try to get 10-15 minutes of sunshine daily or eat mushrooms for vitamin D which will help break down the calcium. Bone health is essential for healthy aging and injury prevention. Chia seeds contain other minerals that are essential to your health such as magnesium and phosphorus.

Excellent Protein Content

Humans are said to need anywhere from 25 grams to 100 grams of protein each day depending on size and activity level. Chia is an incredible source of protein and it is the choice of many pro athletes, like the world famous surfer Kelly Slater. They also contain amino acids which will help break down the protein into energy for your body instead of being stored. The omega-3 acids will also help your body use the protein and minerals in the seeds as well as give your brain a healthy fat that you need for energy. This is a food that non-meat eaters incorporate into smoothies, sprinkle on salads, and make into cereals with granola and yogurt. It becomes gelatinous like tapioca pudding after adding any type of liquid and stirring it for just a few minutes.

They Are Energizing

The problem that most people have with food choices is that they eat unhealthy food when they are low on energy. The cool thing about chia seeds is that they can help boost your energy without giving you anything that is harmful to your body. Next time, instead of reaching for a bag of chips or an energy drink, you can have a snack of chia seeds with chopped up fruit and feel great. Instead of getting complex carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and refined sugars that will make you crash and gain weight, you can feel great and lose weight by eating chia seeds. They are completely raw and unprocessed without unhealthy chemicals or preservatives that most snacks have which are toxic to your body.