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10 Health Benefits of Ginseng

helps-erectile-dysfunction6. Helps erectile dysfunction

Like a lot of natural herbs and extracts, ginseng can help men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. By consuming ginseng tea, men can improve their sexual function by increasing and improving the blood flow to the penis. This is not a “cure all,” however, and it’s important to talk to your doctor if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction as it may be the result of another condition that needs more specialized treatment. Ginseng can also have an effect on medication, so your doctor should be consulted before making a significant lifestyle or diet change.

7. Protects against cancer

Inside ginseng is a substance called “ginsenosides” which are natural compounds that can help reduce the chances of developing some kinds of cancer. The compound helps stop the formation of blood vessels in some tumors and generally fights the production of abnormal cells on a mass scale within the body. This means that the substance can help people who want to help themselves avoid developing cancer as well as those who have already been diagnosed with the condition. Do be aware that this is not a cure, but can be a great aid on the journey towards healing or prevention.