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10 Health Benefits of Ginseng

reduces-anxiety8. Reduces anxiety

If you suffer from a condition that causes severe anxiety or you’re just a generally anxious person, ginseng can help. By helping improve your alertness, ginseng can help you feel better about yourself and more willing to get out there and get things done without too much worrying.

9. It can lower bad cholesterol

As well as changing your diet, introducing ginseng to your diet can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood keeping your heart healthy and even reducing the chance of a clot or a stroke. You can use supplements as tablets to help reduce your cholesterol or switch those creamy coffees for a delicious ginseng tea instead.

10. It boosts your immune system

Finally, ginseng can give your immune system a pretty sizable boost helping you protect against viruses and general illnesses better than usual. For generations, ginseng has been used to help treat illnesses and protect against infections and it’s just as effective as ever. Do be aware, however, that some ginseng supplements can cause drowsiness, so be sure to take the supplement or drink the tea at night.