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10 Home Remedies For a Cough

blended-almonds9. Blended almonds

This is so traditional that it’s ancient. Almonds have been used for generations in order to ease bronchial conditions and problems. Simply blend a handful of ground almonds with about a cup of fresh orange juice. It’s not the best drink you’ll ever taste, but it certainly doesn’t taste disgusting. In fact, it’s probably more palatable than a lot of the medicines on the market. It will provide nearly instant relief for your throat which can last up to an hour or more. You can drink this as regularly as you like.

10. Take a hot shower

The final remedy is not something you ingest–just take a hot shower. Make sure you turn the temperature up and close all your windows. You want to create a steam room effect which should occur in just a couple of minutes.

The steam that collects in the room will soothe your throat and even loosen congestion in your sinuses getting rid of the cause of the cough and not just temporarily masking the problem. A regular hot shower when you’re ill can work wonders, but don’t use this method if you suffer from asthma.