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10 Natural Remedies for Back Pain


4. Stay preoccupied

Being busy is surprisingly effective at reducing the effect that pain has on the body. By staying preoccupied you can often distract yourself from the pain, but more specifically there are chronic pain coping techniques that have been developed by specialists. Pain management courses can help you learn these complex methods and they require no use of modern drugs.

5. Eat resveratrol-rich foods

Scientists have recently discovered that foods rich in resveratrol can help block the enzyme that causes tissue regeneration, particularly in the back. Therefore, eating foods rich in the substance isn’t just a way of masking the pain, but it helps solve problems that cause the pain in the first place.

Resveratrol can even help slow down the pace at which the discs in your spine degrade which makes it a great addition to any treatment you may be currently undergoing to solve your back pain.

The easiest foods to come by that contain it are blueberries, cranberries, and red grapes.

6. Meditate

This doesn’t have to be about religion–meditation can calm you down and benefit you in terms of reducing the effects of pain. Meditating can be as simple as sitting down and relaxing or even listening to sounds that please you. Close your eyes and get comfortable and repeat the sound over and over in your head. Then, whenever you begin thinking about something, recognize that and go back to focusing on the sound.

You can start by doing this for just minutes at a time and, eventually, you will find yourself capable of doing it for longer and longer periods of time. This is the ultimate distraction from pain whether it’s in your back or anywhere else.