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10 Natural Remedies for Back Pain


7. Birch Leaf

Birch leafs are simply the leaves from a Bitch tree and they are amazing natural pain killers. They have long been used to relieve pain and they can be used for anything from back pain to helping treat skin diseases. This is thanks to the compound in the leaves called methyl salicylate which is similar to the chemical found in an aspirin pill.

You can use the leaves to detoxify the body and act as an antioxidant by brewing it in tea or using it in other foods.

8. White Willow bark

Another tree-based solution, White Willow Bark is full of something called salicin which is then turned into salicylic acid in the body; this is the same chemical found in the Birch leaf. The chemical helps reduce pain and reduces the amount of hormones flowing through your body which cause inflammation and pain in the first place. It’s a fantastic and effective natural alternative to pills.

9. Hot chili peppers

Chili peppers contain Capsaicin which is a natural pain reliever; it can reduce the sensitivity of pain receptors in the body and when eaten regularly can significantly reduce the effect of usually-severe pain. Numerous studies have been performed using the chemical found in chili peppers and they have concluded that they are particularly effective in treating headaches and migraines.

10. Peppermint

Finally, peppermint is a natural alternative that has been used to solve toothache; it is quite effective at reducing the effect of many kinds of pain as well. It relieves muscle pain, headache, and more and can be brewed as a tea or incorporated into a lot of recipes. Using peppermint regularly will reduce inflammation, skin irritations, and even stop bloating.