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10 Natural Remedies for Kidney Pain

whole-wheat3. Whole wheat

When it comes to cereal or bread, choose whole wheat. Unlike white bread and non-whole wheat cereals, you’ll be provided with a great deal of nutrients, including magnesium, fiber and protein – all of which are essential for the kidneys. The kidneys use these nutrients to maintain proper function and stop oxalates from forming inside.

Whole wheat is a wonder ingredient and you should eat far more of it, if you currently prefer white bread and pasta. It’s not a difficult change, either – it tastes relatively similar and costs about the same.

4. Heat treatment

Heat treatment, which simply requires a hot compress against the skin, is a great treatment for kidney pain. As your back aches, apply a hot compress right over the area that hurts. This warm compress will increase the amount of blood flow to the region, giving it more nutrients to work with and help reduce the pain.

The warmth on the skin will also have a mild anesthetic effect, helping reduce the pain that you feel for as long as the heat is applied to the skin.

5. Olive oil

Virgin olive oil is surprisingly effective at helping subside kidney pain. You can achieve this effect by combining equal parts virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Don’t make the quantity too much, as the idea is for you to drink it. Drinking lots of olive oil won’t exactly be pleasant!

Use this as a daily tonic, and you’ll find that the nutrients found within the olive oil, combined with the citric acid of lemon juice, will help your kidneys do their job properly and keep flushing toxins out as they should.

6. Tomato juice

Tomato juice is delicious and great as an accompaniment to breakfast, but it’s also great as a way of kicking your kidneys into gear. If you drink a glass of tomato juice before you eat anything, and follow it off with a glass of water, you will give your kidneys a boost of nutrients and hydration they need to effectively flush out the toxins that your body doesn’t need.

This will also go a long way with regards to reducing your kidney pain.