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10 Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Beets

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Beets are a root vegetable that is best known for its deep crimson color. They have been enjoyed in various forms for a long time and are regarded as a healthy source of important nutrients such as potassium, iron, phosphorous, calcium and a number of other trace minerals.

Over time beets have gained a reputation as one of healthiest foods around based on their amazing nutritional profile and the host of health benefits associated with them. Given below are some of the most potent benefits of including this veggie into the diet.

Cancer Fighting Potential

The powerful phytonutrients that give beets their dark red color may also be helpful in warding off cancer. Beets possess high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that can assist in lowering the risk of certain types of cancer and offer resistance against harmful carcinogens.

Beetroot extract has been shown to inhibit cell mutations and slowing down tumor development. Beet juice can not only help detoxify but also protect cells with its nutrients. One of these powerful antioxidants, betaine has outstanding anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects that all go into cancer fighting potential.

Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease

Being a good source of betaine and folate, beets can lower the risk of heart disease. Together the two nutrients act to help lower homocysteine levels which can otherwise increase the risk of heart disease by causing arterials damaging inflammation.

The fiber content of beets also helps regulate cholesterol and triglycerides by increasing HDL levels. At the same time, it also extracts excess LDL from arterial walls and assist in eliminating it quickly from the system.

The potassium content in beetroot also boosts heart health by helping dilate blood vessels and reducing blood pressure throughout the body.