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10 Warning Signs of Pre-Diabetes

Cooling down with some water

Living a life free from disease and poor health can be a great thing, but when disease is around, it is easy to have bad thoughts towards the condition. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease of the metabolic profile in the body. It is characterized by the body’s inability to regulate sugar in the blood, which can cause energy issues and other problems. Pre-diabetes is a condition in which the name describes itself; it is not a disease, but it is a problem when blood sugar is borderline-high and almost to the point of being diagnosed as diabetes. The problem with pre-diabetes as a condition is that it is not very obvious and does not give off many signs or symptoms to suggest that something is not right in the body. With that said, listed below are 10 common signs and symptoms of pre-diabetes that you should pay attention to if you are at risk. The following warning signs might be something to follow and track to help improve your healthy lifestyle.

1. Increased Thirst Throughout the Day

One of the most common symptoms of pre-diabetes is an increased desire to drink water during the day. Increased thirst is something that can easily be followed, tracked, and monitored. Be mindful that if you are more physically active and are drinking more water that this is common. Generally if you are not very active and are drinking near three liters per day, you might have high blood sugar.

2. Increased and Frequent Urination During the Day

Some substances make our bodies void at a higher frequency, such as caffeine. However, if you have not had much caffeine and are still using the bathroom very frequently, there is a chance you are pre-diabetic. Frequent urination goes hand-in-hand with increased thirst and when there is more sugar in the blood, the body revs up its elimination process to help rid sugar from the blood. Monitor how frequently you void throughout the day if you suspect this warning sign.