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11 Early Signs of Cancer

beautiful woman covering her mouthSometimes it can be quite a task to keep up on everything that your body is trying to tell you over the years, and sometimes, health issues go unnoticed. While you can do everything that you are capable of for you and your health, signs and symptoms can be quite a valuable tool in the maintenance of your overall health. One of the most common health conditions where you can detect early signs and symptoms include cancer, which is the most common causes of death in the entire world. If you are like the millions of adults out there looking to keep on top of your health, it is important to know what the early signs may be. Listed below are the top 11 signs you need to know about cancer. If you suspect any of these signs to be affecting you, then make sure to make an appointment with a qualified healthcare provider with your concerns.

1. Sores in your Mouth
The body is capable of giving off many warning signs for us; however, it is up to the person to take the signs and symptoms and assess when something is not right. With that said, when you experience unusual sores in your mouth (not a toothache or cold sore), you may be subjected to a certain oral cancer that you may be starting with. While oral cancer may be hidden and not too visible, it can bring swelling or numbness to the mouth of the affected person. In addition, people who use or used tobacco products are more likely to be at risk of oral cancers.

2. Blood in your Stools

It may appear to be gross to observe this part of life, but it is actually on of the biggest diagnostic tools that you do daily. One of the most important parts of detecting cancer at an early stage is to be aware of the diagnostics right in front of you. This means that when you look at your stool every day, you should look to see if there is any blood in the stool. If you do find some spots in your stool, it is something you should report to your doctor, nurse, or qualified healthcare provider. Detecting colon cancer is something that can be within your means by performing your own diagnostics.