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11 Early Signs of Cancer

fever_tn6. Fever

When you are having a fever and your body temperature is rising, it is merely a way for your body to fight off an infection of some type. While a fever is something that is highly common with many illnesses, especially seasonal issues, it could also mean the early sign of cancer. Many individuals with cancer experience fevers and most report that fevers come on after the cancer has spread. If you have chronic fevers, consider getting checked out by your doctor or qualified healthcare provider to get the answers for why you are having this problem. If your fevers are chronic, you can keep a diary or log so that you can better report to your doctor.

7. Chronic Unexplained Fatigue

Fatigue is another sign and symptom of many illnesses and conditions that it can actually be hard to detect when it comes about. However, when you experience fatigue that simply does not go away, you may want to look for reasons as to why you feel this way. For many, simple tweaks to diet and activity levels can be a big player in energy levels throughout the day; however, if your fatigue continues, then you may want to get checked out by your doctor or qualified healthcare provider. Cancers like leukemia, colon, and stomach are all known to have fatigue as a primary symptom, which is why listening to your body is a highly important thing for detecting cancer at an early stage.