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11 Early Signs of Cancer

Lose-Weight-easily8. Unexplained Weight Loss

Millions of adults see to lose a pound or two and often look for the overnight fix it, but one thing to mindful with your health is your body weight. If you are losing weight at a high rate and it is unexplained, then you may want to figure out why. While it may be a problem caused from something else in your lifestyle, it could indicate that stomach or lung cancer could be the culprit. Consider getting a checkup with your doctor or qualified healthcare provider to see if this is something that is seriously harming you or if you have some other underlying issue at hand.

9. Stomach Pain with Depression

These are two signs that go hand in hand with pancreatic cancer and if you have both, then it could indicate an early warning sign of pancreatic cancer. Many individuals have stomach pains for a wide range of reasons. In addition, depression is another common illness that many adults suffer from. When you combine both signs, you are left with a combination for potential health problems. If you suspect that you have stomach pains and have depression, then you should see with your doctor or qualified healthcare professional in order to see what the issues might be. If you have a history of pancreatic cancer in your family, you will want to mention this to your doctor at your visit.