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11 Early Signs of Cancer

10. Facial Swelling

Some signs of cancer are not quite as overt as facial swelling, but if you notice that you are all of a sudden swelling in your face, then you may want to be alarmed. Many individuals with lung cancers report that their facial features swell and it usually accompanies with inflammation and edema. One of the reasons facial swelling is a sign of early stages of cancer is due to the fact that some tumors are capable of blocking certain vessels in the face, chest, and upper body areas to where blood is unable to move away from your head area in a swift manner. Consider getting checked with your doctor or healthcare provider.

11. Fingernail Health

Another overt sign to early cancer is the health of your fingernails. No, this does not meant the color of your nails, rather what is naturally underneath. Some have reported that small dots under the nail bed (usually brown or black) usually are telltale signs of skin cancer. In addition, if you notice that the ends of your fingers are getting bigger (it will be noticeable), then this too could indicate lung cancer. Lastly, if your nails are turning a white color, then it could indicate a liver cancer. While your fingernails can tell a lot about your health, you will want to check with your doctor to ensure your overall health and safety.