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11 Foods Low in Sodium

diet-soda6. Diet soda

Diet soda is extremely low in sodium, unlike some natural juice drinks. For instance, a 360ml bottle of Diet Coke will contain around 40mg of sodium, which is incredibly low, especially when you will only drink a small glass of this soda at a time.

It is essential, however, that you understand the dangers of drinking too much soda. These sodas will be high in artificial sweeteners (to replace sugar), and possible e-numbers. Diet soda may be great for letting you drink soda even when you’re on a diet, but it certainly doesn’t mean that these drinks are healthy. At least you know you can have soda while reducing your sodium intake, though!

7. Potato

The humble potato is brilliant for your low sodium diet. A regular, medium-sized baked potato will contain only 7mg of sodium, though of course this will vary slightly depending on the species of potato you eat. As well as being low in sodium, this same baked potato will give you levels of potassium comparable to a banana, which is known as one of the most potassium-rich fruits.

If you opt to eat the skin on the potato as well, you can increase your fiber intake, thanks to the 2g of fiber found in the average potato skin.

8. Popcorn

If you’re trying to lose weight, but you still want to be able to snack on something tasty, then popcorn is a really tempting option. This classic movie-watching accompaniment packs a health punch and is incredibly low in calories. Remember, though, that the popcorn you buy at the movie theater will be anything but low in calories. In fact, a large portion of popcorn from the movies will contain more than 1.5g of sodium, thanks to all the added salt and ingredients put over the top of it.

Making popcorn at home, however, is a far healthier option. Microwaveable popcorn that has no added salt or sweeteners will contain no sodium at all, given that corn naturally doesn’t contain the substance. It’s low in fat and high in fiber, too, so every time you eat popcorn, you’ll be helping your gut stay effective at absorbing important nutrients from the food that you eat.