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11 Foods Low in Sodium

nuts9. Nuts

Just like popcorn, nuts can be high in sodium but only if you buy them prepared that way. Many bags of nuts found at the supermarket will be dry roasted and salted, making them extra fatty, extra salty and extra unhealthy. In their natural states, nuts contain practically no sodium, and a portion of unsalted peanuts will have less than 4mg of sodium.

Nuts are a really great snack if you’re trying to keep good health. As well as being full of fiber, they also contain lots of protein, as well as vitamin B and E, magnesium and iron.

10. Canned soup

This is quite a general one, as some soups will actually be quite high in sodium. However, with people becoming more and more health conscious these days, it certainly isn’t difficult to find canned soups that are low in sodium. Whether you’re opting for cream of tomato, chicken or even ox tail soup, you can find canned varieties that have been specifically made to be low in sodium.

Big brands as well as smaller health food companies have begun to realize that customers are more concerned, and so have begun improving the nutritional contents of their products. Be sure to take a look at the backs of canned soup before buying, but you can be sure that most of the options you look at will have low salt.

11. Fresh fruit

Finally, there’s fresh fruit. Fruit is the best option for snacking, for breakfast and as part of your lunch, and for lots of reasons. Each kind of fruit has its own unique properties, containing antioxidants, a huge range of vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium and so much more.

If you find yourself snacking on high-sodium snacks and salty potato chips throughout the day, consider choosing an apple or a pear instead. You’ll be lowering your sodium intake and giving yourself a general health boost at the same time.