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11 Foods That Are Rich in Vitamin E

Dried apricotsDried Apricots

The great thing about snacks such as dried apricots or almonds is the convenience. Some of us don’t have time to cook, so bringing a delicious snack is the better option. You’ll be happy to know that dried apricots are both delicious and full of vitamin E. Every cup of apricots contain over 25% DV of vitamin E. Not quite as high as most seeds and nuts, but there’s nothing stopping you from mixing the two together for a nutrient-packed snack.

Pumpkin Seeds

Want to munch on something new and interesting? Pumpkin seeds should be able to scratch that itch. Every quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contain over 225% DV of vitamin E. If you love pumpkin seeds, there’s nothing wrong with eating them off season. Pack them in a small bag and bring them with you to work. Every time you want a snack, you’ll have a bag full of nutrient-packed pumpkin seeds.


Paprika is a great way to add both flavour and vitamin E to your meals. A single tablespoon contains about 10% vitamin E. For a spice, that packs quite a punch. If you’re looking to cut calories, a tablespoon of paprika only contains 20 calories. If paprika wasn’t your favorite spice before, maybe give it another shot! Who knows, you may find yourself using it more.