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11 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Splash of milk on a white background9. Drink milk

Kidney stones are often formed from excess calcium oxalate. It seems counterproductive to drink milk or eat foods, which contain calcium. But you don’t want to eliminate calcium from your diet. In fact, studies have indicated that eating a diet too low in calcium can make you more likely to form kidney stones. Make sure to eat a variety of foods that contain calcium, such as cheese, yogurt and milk. But it’s also important to avoid going overbroad. Although calcium can be good for you, you can get too much of a good thing. If you’re prone to kidney stones, 1000 mg of calcium a day may be enough. But speak with your doctor to make sure you are aiming for the right amount.

10. Lemon juice or lemonade

Another natural remedy for kidney stones is lemon juice. Lemon juice is full of natural citrate, which inhibits kidney stone formation. It’s an easy and not bad tasting at home remedy to prevent kidney stones. Although lemonade may also work, commercially bought lemonade can contain too much sugar. You best bet is to make your own lemonade. Take a half cup of lemon juice and mix it with six cups of water. Drink a cup or two a day to prevent kidney stone formation. If it is too bitter to drink, add a sugar substitute to taste.

11. Green Tea

Green tea may have several health benefits one of which may be dissolving and preventing kidney stones. Green tea works by breaking up the crystals of calcium oxalate, which may be the cause of stones. If you already have kidney stones, drink a few cups of green tea a day. As a preventive measure to decrease kidney stones in the future drink a one cup of green tea daily

Although they can be quite uncomfortable, most people can pass a kidney stone without medical intervention. Only about 15 percent of people who have a kidney stone need medical treatment. You may have to try more than one of the home remedies listed above to get relief. Keep in mind, when it comes to kidney stones, your best bet is to prevent them from developing.