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11 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cramps

thyme-teaIt is likely that you have experienced it before, yet it may not be on the top of your list for the most pressing health issues; however cramps are something that can really cause daily discomfort if they are not treated. Cramps can be a cause of many differing factors, and many of these can be relatively fixed in a hurry. However, when those pesky cramps come about and no treatment is working, extraneous measures must be used in order to alleviate cramping. If you are someone who often experiences cramps, take a look ahead at the following 11 natural remedies that have been shown to be able to fix and alleviate the cramps you may be having.

1. Drink Tea

Tea has many benefits in general and one of the best benefits is the ability of tea to alleviate and get rid of cramps. Chamomile tea is a calming and caffeine-free tea that is known to help reduce stress, relax the body, and to help you ease down after a hard day of work. In addition to these great benefits, chamomile tea can help to remedy and get rid of cramping in your body. The primary reason chamomile is great for getting rid of body cramps is due to its anti-inflammatory properties and for its ability to ease tension and spasms in the muscles. Chamomile is a popular brand of tea and can be found in most grocery stores. In addition, consider drinking organic chamomile for clean living.

2. Fresh Mint

Stomach cramps are one of the most common forms of cramping and they can really put a damper on quality of life day in and day out. The stomach is lined with smooth muscle and plays a vital role in digestion. When your stomach is feeling like it is cramping, consider finding a home remedy to alleviate and get rid of the problem. Fresh mint is a fantastic way to ease stomach cramps and to help relax the muscles that are continuously twitching in the stomach. In addition to easing the cramps, fresh mint can play a pivotal role in digestion and it can help aid in issues of bloating and gas.

3. Compression Socks

The calf muscles and the legs are the most prone areas in the body for cramps. Especially the calf muscles, when a cramp hits, it can often be painful. One reason this happens in the lower part of the body is due to circulation problems. While this could simply be an issue with posture and lifestyle, it could be something that is caused by genetics and from the body. Compression socks help to improve circulation by preventing pooling of blood in the muscles and lower extremities. Many individuals use compression socks regularly and they can be a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle free from cramping. If you do not have socks at home, consider elevating your legs above the heart a couple times per day and make sure to do this before bed for best results.