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11 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cramps

maintains-muscle-and-nerve-function4. Cut Down on your Workouts

A muscle cramp is simply the result of the muscle fibers continuously twitching over and over again. When you are in the midst of a strenuous workout day after day, there is a chance that your muscles are adjusted to a strenuous state and are simply over contracting when they should not be. If you are experiencing cramps throughout the day and you have been exercising every day, consider taking your workout routine down a bit or even skip a day or two. This simple, yet effective, remedy is something that can be beneficial for any individual who regularly performs high intensity interval training and functional training; both of which are the new fads in fitness.

5. Cool the Body Down

This goes hand in hand with the previous remedy, but if you are exercising to such a strenuous level that you are over-heating, your body is telling you to cut it back a bit. Muscle cramps caused from exercising in the heat can be a serious condition if it is left untreated. One of the best ways to prevent cramps due to heat is to gently cool the body. You can do this by resting in a shaded area, indoors where there is ample ventilation, air conditioning, or by simply jumping in a swimming pool. Use the signs your body gives you especially when exercising and be mindful that 80 degree weather can be too much for the body.

6. Rehydrate the Body

Quite possibly one of the most common causes of cramps is due to dehydration. When the body loses water from the cells, muscle cells begin to act erratically to the point that they twitch. In addition, sodium follows water so if your cells lose water, they will also lose sodium. Sodium is a necessary mineral needed for muscle contractions and when you are dehydrated, you will likely need something that contains a light amount of sodium as well. If you suffer from muscle cramps, consider rehydrating the body to see if this helps you. The key to rehydration is to slowly consume water rather than drinking it all in one sitting. When you sip on water throughout the day, your body is then able to use the water that is consumed and store it within the cells. If you desire some flavoring in your water, consider some mint, cucumber, or lemon flavoring to freshen the water up.

7. Have a Fresh Coconut

Muscle cramps can be caused from a number of reasons, but fortunately, a coconut is one of the best ways to combat and get rid of them in a hurry. Potassium is an element necessary for muscle contraction and for hydration and for many reasons; the body can become low in potassium. A fresh young coconut is loaded with potassium, thus making it the best way to rehydrate, replenish, and nourish the muscles to rid and prevent cramps from coming back. If you are unable to find a fresh young coconut, consider finding coconut water that is sold in stores. Many brands sold in grocery stores contain water from fresh young coconuts and they are loaded with potassium.