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11 Symptoms of Acid Reflux

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6. Regurgitation of food

Regurgitation is often described as a sour taste in the mouth or a sense of fluid moving up and down in the chest. This symptom is reported in the majority of acid reflux sufferers which overtime may develop into other symptoms like hoarseness or a breathy voice when vocal cords respond to the regurgitated acid.

While similar in some ways, regurgitation of food differs from reflux in the sense that with reflux acid stomach contents escape into the esophagus, but with regurgitation liquids travel up from the stomach all the way through the throat and back into the mouth.

7. Dyspepsia

Also commonly known as an upset stomach or indigestion, dyspepsia describes pain or discomfort in the stomach. It is not so much a disease itself but rather a sign of an underlying condition including acid reflux. This indigestion is typically triggered when stomach acid comes in contact with the protective mucus of the digestive system, causing it to break down and triggering stomach inflammation and irritation.

Some cases of dyspepsia can be directly attributed to conditions like acid reflux but in others the condition may be caused by lifestyle habits such as eating too much, eating quickly, having fatty, greasy or spicy foods as well as consuming too much caffeine or alcohol.

8. Bloating

The gassy, abdominal pain experienced in the stomach is known as bloating. It is also described as an uncomfortable feeling of fullness in the abdomen. Many of the same factors that contribute to bloating also cause acid reflux. For instance, having too many carbonated drinks or eating large meals can be responsible for either condition.

In either case, bloating leads to increased abdominal pressure which can cause stomach contents to propel back into the esophagus.