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11 Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

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3. Intense urge to urinate, even when the bladder is not full

Bladder cancer can cause the feeling of having to urinate urgently, even when the bladder isn’t full. It can also make the person want to urinate frequently. This will increase as the cancer progresses, because the tumour mass is growing and making the bladder less able to stretch and contain all the urine being produced by the kidneys. Any changes in the frequency of urination, and the intensity of the urge to do so, could indicate the possibility of bladder cancer and a visit to your doctor or health professional is advised.

4. Trouble urinating

Bladder cancer can make it difficult to urinate by restricting the flow of urine. It can also make it difficult to void the bladder completely, resulting in interrupted flow, instead of one continuous stream. As with other symptoms, the problem can increase as the cancer progresses. In advanced cases the cancer can make it impossible to urinate normally, leading to the need for a catheter and a bag. Should you experience any extended problems in the normal pattern of urinating it could indicate the possibility of bladder cancer. A consultation with your doctor or health professional would be advisable.

5. Frequent and persistent infections

Frequent and long lasting infections of the urinary tract like nephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis or urethritis, may be a warning that bladder cancer is possible. This also applies to frequent and persistent kidney infections. Should you have a history of urinary tract or kidney infections that you struggle to get rid of, it could be an indication of a more serious underlying problem, like bladder cancer. Conditions like this could be a warning that it’s time to have them checked by your doctor or health professional for possible diagnosis.