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11 Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Athlete suffering side kidney pain

6. Pain in the kidney area

Generally there is no pain in the beginning stages of bladder cancer. However, as the cancer advances, it can lead to pain in the kidney area of the lower back. This can become more acute as time goes by. Any consistent pain in the kidney area is a cause for concern and could signify an underlying problem, such as bladder cancer. Should you experience pain in the lower back around the kidney area, which persists for a long period, it would be advisable to seek the attention of your doctor or medical professional.

7. Pain in the rectal, anal or pelvic areas

As with pain in the kidney area, persistent pain in the rectal (the lower end of the intestine), anal (the outlet of the intestine) or in the pelvic areas, could indicate the possibility of advanced bladder cancer, especially if it increases as time goes by. If you notice that you are experiencing pain in these areas, that persists and grows in intensity as time passes, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your doctor or health professional for possible diagnosis.

8. Swelling in the lower legs

As bladder cancer advances it can affect the functioning of the kidneys. This can lead to the body retaining water, which can show up as swelling in the lower legs, ankles and feet. Although swelling of the lower legs is not necessarily indicative of bladder cancer, if it persists and increases over time, it could be an indication that it is a possibility. Should you experience unexplained swelling in your lower legs that increases with time, it would be advisable to seek the opinion of your doctor or medical professional.