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11 Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Woman having abdominal pain

9. Loss of appetite

As the bladder cancer advances it can affect the digestive system, leading to loss of appetite. This can occur when the normal workings of the intestines, colon and kidneys are disrupted. If this happens the increased toxic load in the body can lead to feelings of nausea and subsequent loss of appetite. If you experience a long lasting, and increasing, loss of appetite it may be a warning that there is a more serious, underlying problem, such as bladder cancer. If this has happened to you it may be time to visit your doctor or health professional for a possible diagnosis.

10. Weight loss

Bladder cancer puts an enormous strain on the body’s ability to function optimally. The immune system, and subsequently the digestive system, end up compromised, resulting in loss of weight. This can be slight at first but can become increasingly severe as the cancer progresses. Any sudden and progressive weight loss could be an indication of an underlying condition, such as bladder cancer. If you have experienced unexplained, and long lasting, weight loss, it would be advisable to schedule an appointment with your doctor or health professional for possible diagnosis.

11. Fatigue

Bladder cancer, as it progresses, can lead to nausea, loss of appetite and weight loss. All this will put additional strain on the body’s ability to cope and can lead to ongoing fatigue. As the immune system tries to combat the cancer it can also lead to a deficiency of red blood cells, reducing the amount of oxygen being carried to the brain and muscles, adding to the fatigue. If you have been experiencing unexplained fatigue that increases with time, it may be time to seek the opinion of your doctor or health professional.