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11 Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

rapid-weight-loss6. Weight changes

Even when appetite and the amount of food consumed remains the same, individuals may experience sudden weight loss. The increased metabolic rate along with the severity of an overactive thyroid can cause people to lose weight because now an increased number of calories is required to maintain the same weight.

But if the individual does not increase caloric intake to match the excess calories burnt, then weight loss will occur. At the same time, since hyperthyroidism can also increase appetite, some individuals may not lose weight while others may actually gain weight based on how many more calories they start to consume.

7. Skin and hair

Abnormal levels of thyroid hormones circulating in the system can cause alterations in the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. For instance, in hyperthyroidism hands can start to feel warm and moist and may appear red. There may also be a loss of skin pigmentation in places while other areas of the skin may appear darker.

The skin may take on an unusually smoother appearance due to quick cell turnover while for some their acne may worsen.

Likewise, hair may become straighter and finer and be unable to hold a curl. Nails may become soft and break easily.

8. Hand tremors and muscle weakness

Individuals with hyperthyroidism may experience their fingers exhibiting a slight tremor when they hold their hands out. This is one of the direct consequences of the body’s processes speeding up among others.

Some muscle and tissue weakness may also be observed that can add to the fatigue experienced. In some instances, reflexes may become highly increased and people may not be able to sit still. There may also be muscle twitching for some individuals.