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11 Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

man's flip-flops feet in front of water closet9. Increased frequency of bowel and urinary movements

This symptom is characteristic of an overactive thyroid since food now moves more quickly through the intestines than before. The result is more frequent bowel movements or even diarrhea for some.

Likewise as more blood flows through the system, kidneys also filter more and more urine is produced. This causes individuals to go to the bathroom more frequently, also making them feel more thirsty than usual.

Frequent visits to the bathroom can also cause some people to experience nausea as well.

10. Changes in menstrual patterns

Women with hyperthyroidism may notice changes in their menstrual cycle with menstruation becoming very light or skipping their period completely. This results from the body overproducing thyroid hormones creating hormonal imbalances that disrupts the menstrual cycle.

For teenagers who do not experience their first period by the age of 15, the underlying cause may be an over active thyroid.

Hyperthyroidism can also cause a decrease in fertility because it interferes with ovulation. In addition, the risk of miscarriages and premature births can elevate when the condition goes undiagnosed or untreated.

11. Increased sensitivity to heat

Heat intolerance is a sensation of feeling overly hot when the surrounding temperature rises. The condition can often cause excessive sweating and is one of the symptoms of an overactive thyroid.

Since one of the functions of the thyroid gland is to regulate hormones in the body, with the overproduction of the thyroid hormone, the result can be felt as an increased intolerance to heat. Insensitivity to heat may also be further aggravated when other hyperthyroidism symptoms like heart palpitations, sweating and flushed skin also set in.