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10 Most Common Symptoms of Shingles


Shingles is also known as herpes zoster, and it is a result an infection reaching a nerve and the skin that surrounds the infected nerve. Usually shingles will affect just one small area on the body and won’t cross over onto the other side of the body. The primary symptom will be a sore rash, but there are lots of ...

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11 Common Symptoms of Bronchitis


Bronchitis is a fairly common condition that can be particularly unpleasant. It involves the inflammation of your airways between the lungs and your trachea. There are two kinds of bronchitis – chronic and acute. The acute version of bronchitis is a single event that will go away over time, whereas chronic bronchitis will reoccur quite frequently and serious impact a ...

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11 Symptoms of UTI

Woman caught Cold and fever

With all of the infections and illnesses out there, a urinary tract infection (which is usually abbreviated as UTI) is one of the worst ones you could get for a variety of reasons. A UTI is a medical problem that can be a serious condition or it could be quite minor; it all depends on when you are treated and ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Gout

tired and aching feet

Gout is a condition that affects the joints, but often causes damage around the big toe. When people complain about gout, you will usually notice that they have a problem with their foot. The condition occurs as a result of sodium urate crystals forming around a joint, and getting inside of the joint. There are lots of symptoms, which obviously ...

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10 Triggers for a Migraine


A migraine is so much worse than a headache. They can be completely debilitating and make it impossible to even get through the day and achieve what you want to achieve. As well as medication and methods of relief, you can make your life easier by finding out what your triggers are, and avoiding them as best you can. Avoiding ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Pneumonia

Feeling frosty. Frozen young women in winter clothing hugging self while standing against grey background

Pneumonia is an extremely serious condition which results in the inflammation of the tissue in your lungs. The condition can affect one lung, though in many cases it does in fact cause trouble for both lungs. The inflammation occurs as a result of an infection. The sacs within the lungs which take in and hold air will become inflamed and ...

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11 Early Signs of Autism


Autism is a group of closely related disorders that have similar symptoms. Autism spectrum disorders are characterized by disturbances in communication, social interaction and relating to others. In the past, autism disorders were often not diagnosed until a child was three or four years old. But as more is known about autism, children can be diagnosed at an earlier age, ...

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11 Symptoms of Kidney Disease

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The kidneys are responsible for a number of bodily functions including keeping the blood clean, maintaining the equilibrium of minerals and salt in the blood along with helping regulate blood pressure. When kidneys become damaged, waste products and fluids can start to accumulate in the body causing a number of symptoms. However, signs of kidney disease are usually very generic, ...

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7 Early Signs of Leukemia

Girl filling fatigue

Leukemia is actually a group of different cancers affecting the blood cells. The cancer develops in the bone marrow where blood cells are made. In leukemia the body starts to make a large number of abnormal white blood cells that crowd out other healthy blood cells. As a result, leukemia may eventually affect all red blood cells, white blood cells ...

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10 Healthy Lunch Ideas


If you are not prepared in advance, by the time noon rolls around, the easy thing to do may be to head out to the nearest pizza joint and put a damper on your eating well intentions. However, with these smart and easy lunch ideas, you will neither have to go hungry nor derail from your eating well plan. So ...

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