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11 Symptoms of Skin Cancer


There are many devastating diseases in the world and cancer is one of the most concerning. Not only is cancer the leading cause of death worldwide, but it also claims sizable disability and medical bills. In the U.S., skin cancer is the most concerning form of cancer and this is especially true with individuals who go outdoors and sit in ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Asperger’s


Asperger’s syndrome is a kind of pervasive developmental disorder, or PDD. A PDD combines a number of symptoms and conditions that result in the delaying of the development of normal human skills. Largely, the skills affected are social skills, and the ability to communicate with others. Asperger’s manifests in lots of different ways, and not everyone will display exactly the ...

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10 Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel

Tired business person with headache working at night

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition affecting the hands and arms where sensations like numbness and tingling are experienced among other symptoms. The condition is triggered by excess pressure on the median nerve in the wrist and can be caused by the anatomy of the wrist, patterns of hand use and certain underlying health problems. Compression of the affected ...

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10 Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Fitness on a treadmill

A heat stroke is considered the most severe form of heat injury and needs to be treated as a medical emergency. The condition can cause serious damage to the brain and may even be fatal. It can result from a progression of a milder form of heat injury such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps or a heat syncope. However, a ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Spider Bites


Obviously every spider is different, and so each spider bite will be different, but there are lots of similar symptoms that you can expect regardless of the species of spider in question. The spider bite you experience will differ with regards to how poisonous it is, and of course depending on the country you are in. One thing you should ...

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10 Top Symptoms of COPD


COPD is a serious condition of the lungs and tissue in which breathing and functioning are altered. The lungs are a major set of organs in the body and they are responsible for oxygenating blood for the entire body. As blood travels through the body, blood delivers oxygen to the cells in the body and when blood returns back towards ...

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10 Common Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis


Arthritis is a condition that tends to not get the credit it is due. It is one of the most commonly occurring diseases among older adults and it is one of the most costly diseases, financially. The amount of money spent every year on treatments for arthritis is incredible and since the Baby Boomer generation is aging in the U.S., ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Menopause


Menopause occurs when a woman’s ovaries stop producing an eggs every month, meaning she no longer has a period and it is not possible to become pregnant. Unlike men, who create new sperm regularly, women are born with a set amount of eggs. When those eggs have run out, the woman is unable to have children and will experience menopause ...

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11 Signs You Have a Thyroid Problem


The thyroid is a gland in your neck, located just above the Adam’s apple. This small gland plays a big role in your body functioning efficiently. The gland produces thyroid hormones, which regulate various functions, such as your heartbeat, metabolism and temperature. But in some instances, the thyroid gland can go a little haywire and not function properly. When this ...

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The Four Main Zika Virus Symptoms

woman with headache, migraine, stress, insomnia, hangover in casual dress

Zika virus typically spreads to individuals through the bite of an infected mosquito, but it can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected man or spread from an expectant mother to her fetus. The illness is typically mild with symptoms lasting from a few days to a week. Since afflicted individuals do not usually get sick enough to ...

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