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11 Early Signs of Cancer


Sometimes it can be quite a task to keep up on everything that your body is trying to tell you over the years, and sometimes, health issues go unnoticed. While you can do everything that you are capable of for you and your health, signs and symptoms can be quite a valuable tool in the maintenance of your overall health. ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Ringworm

Woman scratching her arm

Ringworm is a skin disease that occurs as a result of a fungal infection. The skin appears to have small and circular patches of redness and usually this occurs on the top of the head or the feet. Technically, athlete’s foot is a form of ringworm, making it relatively common. If you’re not sure about a current skin problem you ...

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11 Symptoms of a GallBladder Attack


Gallstones are crystalized components in bile that are typically made of cholesterol, but can also be made of calcium salts and bilirubin. The stones start to from hard deposits in the gallbladder, leading to a blockage of bile flow. Bile then starts to collect inside the gallbladder resulting in an increase in the pressure that can sometimes lead to rupture. ...

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10 Warning Signs of Pre-Diabetes

Cooling down with some water

Living a life free from disease and poor health can be a great thing, but when disease is around, it is easy to have bad thoughts towards the condition. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease of the metabolic profile in the body. It is characterized by the body’s inability to regulate sugar in the blood, which can cause energy issues and ...

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10 Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Beets

Walk in the park

Beets are a root vegetable that is best known for its deep crimson color. They have been enjoyed in various forms for a long time and are regarded as a healthy source of important nutrients such as potassium, iron, phosphorous, calcium and a number of other trace minerals. Over time beets have gained a reputation as one of healthiest foods ...

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11 Foods Low in Carbohydrates

roast beef on board

Reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat can cut back your belly fat, keep you slim and trim, and improve your general health no end. Excess consumption of carbohydrates results in visceral fat resting in the body and contributing to an increased risk of a number of diseases, including heart disease. As well as doing regular exercise, it’s important to ...

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10 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera


You’ve probably seen it all over shampoo bottles in the store, but what exactly is aloe vera? Well, essentially it is a plant that is used in a lot of cosmetics products, but it can be used for medicinal purposes as well. You’ll find aloe vera supplements as well as makeups, lotions, and potions. It’s a spiny plant that is ...

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10 Most Common Symptoms of Food Poisoning

Abdominal Pain - 620

Food poisoning is an acute condition that can cause problems with the intestinal flora and cause some embarrassment along the way. Whether it was a night with friends, trying out a new restaurant for date night or a vacation to a tropical island, the possibility of coming into contact with bad food is everywhere. Food poisoning is the body’s reaction ...

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10 Common Symptoms of Depression

More people suffer from depression than you might think. Millions of people suffer from depression and depression comes in many different types and forms. The most common type of depression is clinical depression and some causes include sadness, loss of interest in activities that were once a common event and even thoughts of suicide. There are many symptoms of depression ...

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11 Foods to Avoid If You Have Diverticulosis

Various types of dairy products

Diverticulosis is a condition that is defined by the formation of pouches in the wall of your large intestine. The inflamed pouches are usually a centimeter wide and could often grow larger. Many of the pouches do not cause much of a problem, but in the instance diverticulosis becomes diverticulitis, you could begin to notice problems. It is not uncommon ...

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