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The Four Main Zika Virus Symptoms

joint-pain_tnSkin rash

Rash is a prominent feature of contracting the Zika virus. The rash associated with the virus can appear either flat or bumpy, and range from small spots to even smaller ones. The rash typically starts on the face on the first day of the illness and gradually spreads to the rest of the body.

The Zika rash then starts to fade within two to three days and will completely disappear in about a week’s time. During this time, the eyes may become red and sore as well as more sensitive to light.

Joint pain

Along with the fever, individuals will also likely complain of some sort of aches and pains in their joints. This a symptoms that the Zika virus shares with dengue fever where the unusually severe joint and muscle pains can be very noticeable.

The pain can often leave individuals exhausted and extremely fatigued with little or no energy left. Joint pain when paired with the other symptoms of Zika needs rest and medication to recover from the virus.


Perhaps one of the more noticeable symptoms of the Zika virus is the reddening of the eyes. Also known as conjunctivitis, the condition is an inflammatory one where redness in the whites of the eyes occurs and may be accompanied by increased amounts of tears.

Eyes may also become itchy, feel some burning and suffer from blurred vision. Some individuals may also experience an increased sensitivity to light.