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Top 10 Benefits of Garlic

lowers blood pressure

Lowers Blood Pressure

With so many people taking blood pressure medication, it’s important to offer people the education that there are healthier options than taking pills that have negative side effects. Those options include a plant based diet and regular exercise. There are certain nutrient dense plants, like garlic, that can truly help purify your blood and reduce high blood pressure. Garlic will also help to reduce a condition called hypertension.

Many people are skeptical that any natural remedy can be as effective as a pharmaceutical drug, but scientific studies have proven that garlic is in fact just as effective in lowering blood pressure as drugs.

Lengthens Lifespan

Garlic is known to help people live healthier lives and therefore longer lives as a result. When the body doesn’t break down and organs function better, you’re less likely to develop serious health complications. When you combine garlic with a healthy diet and regular exercise, your chances of living a vibrant healthy long life are greatly increased.

Helps Maintain Healthy Cognitive Function

Furthermore, in regards to aging, garlic has been shown to help protect against mental conditions such as dementia. Because of it’s antioxidant properties, it will help keep your cells healthy and when your blood is pure from being naturally detoxed by garlic, it will help keep your brain healthy, too. Many older people take garlic supplements to keep their minds sharp, but you can incorporate it into your diet by chopping up the cloves in your cooking or using the powdered spice. Raw garlic is even more effective, but be sure to introduce it slowly into your diet to see how your body responds and never eat raw garlic on an empty stomach because it can be too strong and cause stomach pain for some people. Because garlic is a strong antioxidant plant, it will reduce oxidative stress in the brain and allow the memory to remain in tact.