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Top 10 Benefits of Garlic

helps reduce cholesterol

Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Many times high blood pressure is coupled with bad cholesterol levels which put people at risk for developing heart disease. Garlic can improve your heart health because it has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood. This is advised for people who currently have high cholesterol as well as a preventive dietary option for people who want to maintain their healthy cholesterol level.

Used By Athletes to Perform Better

Here’s a benefit of garlic you probably don’t know about. Athletes have been using garlic to improve their performance and endurance for a long time. Runners and cyclists are known to take garlic as natural performance enhancement supplement. Beyond stamina, garlic can also reduce muscle soreness because it helps reduce inflammation in the body. Because athletes strive to keep their heart rate as low as possible, especially for endurance related activities, garlic’s ability to lower blood pressure is an added bonus.

Garlic is also great for athletes because it helps keep bones strong and will even purify the blood in a way that helps bring more oxygen to the muscles so they can become stronger. There are so many vitamins in garlic that it will help athletes feel energized and full so they don’t binge on food that will inhibit their performance.

It’s Cheap and Easy to Cook With

Garlic has been a staple spice in many cultures because of its bold flavor and incredible health benefits. People often dice garlic to sautee with vegetables or blend roasted garlic into a dressing. Garlic is also a regular addition to soups, burgers, and marinades. The most potent form of garlic is its raw form in a juice and the second most potent form is chopping the bulbs yourself instead of using a powder.

Some people who don’t like the flavor of garlic prefer to take it as a pill instead. Garlic pairs well with basil, ginger, curry, and many other herbs and spices. If you want to draw people into your kitchen, cook with garlic.

High Nutrient Content

Most people have no idea garlic has vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, and manganese. Garlic can be a great thing to incorporate into your diet when you’re trying to lose those extra pounds. The body will always feel hungry if it doesn’t have enough nutrients or water. Eating garlic can help you get adequate nutrients so your brain won’t send signals to keep eating. Of course, this small food is very low in calories which means you would never have to feel bad about eating it. There are so many great nutrients in this food such as fiber, potassium, calcium, and selenium. Potassium is one of the top minerals women need to stave off depression as well.

If you haven’t yet developed a taste for garlic, try adding it to hummus or sauces. You can experiment with adding it to pasta dishes and it pairs well with most Italian food. It can be a great addition to tacos and will add flavor to a bland salad when roasted. Be sure to add this incredible cancer fighting food into your diet as often as possible.