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Top 20 Benefits of Magnesium

Lowers Inflammation

4. Control inflammation in the body

Inflammation is a harsh process on the body that can contribute to high blood sugar, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. It is not overtly seen by the naked eye, but inflammation can harm the entire body and cause unhealthy responses. Those who are low in magnesium may experience more inflammation in the body and are at a higher risk of developing diseases and harmful conditions. Getting your magnesium levels checked from your healthcare provider is important to determine what your blood levels are.

5. Prevent osteoporosis from affecting your bones

Just as in the inflammation, having too little magnesium in your body can be harmful for osteoporosis. If you are at risk for osteoporosis, it is wise to have your magnesium levels checked. Magnesium is important for the absorption of calcium in the body, which is needed for proper bone health. Without sufficient levels of magnesium, the bones, muscles, and health seem to diminish. Osteoporosis can affect women who are 45 years and older and many factors can increase one’s risk.

6. Blood pressure

Millions of adults worldwide have high blood pressure and it is a major risk for heart disease and vascular problems. Many people take blood pressure medication to better manage blood pressure and others prefer to be more natural about it. Exercise is a holistic way to control blood pressure, but some evidence has shown that people who eat foods that contain high magnesium content are at a better chance of lowering blood pressure. It is typically more pronounced among those who are pre-hypertensive, so the benefits are well worth it.