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Top 20 Benefits of Magnesium

helps filter toxins

7. Prevent toxins from affecting and harming you

There are a number of body processes in the body that help to fight against toxins from affecting your body. These toxins can be described as free-radicals more often than not and basically these compounds roam free in your body and cause your cells to mutate into something that is not good for your body. During this process, the toxins oxidize certain parts of cells. This is why we take antioxidants throughout the day and one of the more important antioxidants you can take to prevent toxins from getting to you is magnesium.

8. Restore your daily energy levels

If you have been feeling sluggish lately, there are a number of reasons why this may be. Sleep, activity, mental stress, and toxins all affect you every day. When any of these affect you, you are likely to feel tired and want that extra cup of coffee. One of the more common reasons of low energy levels is from toxins circulating in your body. Fortunately, magnesium use and proper magnesium levels can help your body to filter and eliminate toxins from getting to your energy.

9. Help manage your diabetes

Magnesium use has great potential for a number of health benefits. One of the best benefits is how it can be used to help your diabetes. If you have a magnesium deficiency, you might be at risk of getting type II diabetes quicker than what is considered normal. In addition, low amounts of magnesium have been linked to retinopathy. Proper magnesium consumption can help your body metabolize carbohydrates after a meal, which is typically what insulin helps with. In addition, some suggest that 100 milligrams of magnesium every day can help decrease diabetes risk by 15 percent. Just be very cautious not to take more than what is recommended by your doctor or pharmacist.