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Top 20 Benefits of Magnesium

pH Balance

16. pH balance in the body

It is not often that individuals walk around stating their pH levels are off, but the great thing about magnesium use is it can help neutralize your body’s acidity and alkalinity. Some foods and beverages cause your body to become more acidic or alkaline, depending on the source. When this happens, your body needs to use its buffering system to keep it in constant management. In addition, your body produces lactic acid during cardiovascular exercise, which causes your body to fatigue and become acidic. Too much acid in your body is highly dangerous and magnesium use can help to correct this.

17. Prevent constipation

Some individuals are succumbed to constipation through a variety of factors, but when it hits, it can be harmful to the body. One natural benefit of magnesium use is the natural effects it has on bowel health. Magnesium is commonly used to help the body cleanse and eliminate toxins from the intestinal tract, which turns into a strong laxative.

18. Prevent asthma from getting to you

This is typically a condition which affects young children, but it can affect adults as well. Those who suffer from asthma are better able to manage their breathing when they take magnesium supplementation. Since magnesium aids in relaxing the muscles, it acts in a similar way in the bronchial tubes by preventing bronchospasms. Due to this, the individual has a better chance to breathe.