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Top 10 Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

helps treat Hep C

Helps Treat Hepatitis C

The reason B12 is helpful in the treatment of hepatitis C is because of how it helps the body’s immune system. Believe it or not, just taking a B12 supplement has been shown to improve the treatment of hepatitis C by 34%. If hepatitis C is not a concern for you, at least you know that B12 is also going to strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system can help keep you from getting colds, flus, and other viruses. While B12s do not cure hepatitis C, they certainly make treatment more effective.

Improves Cognitive Function

If you want a sharp mind that will increase your productivity, consider taking vitamin B12. The reason it helps your brain is because it regulates compounds that can cause the brain to function improperly. One of these compounds, homocysteine, has been found to impede mental function if it’s over produced in the brain. The regulating effect of B12 on the chemistry in your brain is undoubtedly helpful for your ability to retain and recall information.

Helps Prevent Some Cancers

As previously mentioned, vitamin B12 will help synthesize DNA. This is important when it comes to preventing diseases such as cancer. Scientific studies showed that a B12 supplement can help reduce the onset of colon cancer by a staggering 40%. This includes individuals who are predisposed to colon cancer because it runs in the family. While this should not be the only measure you take to prevent cancer, it’s just one thing that can help in addition to a healthy diet, low stress levels, and regular exercise.

B12 works with other vitamins to help keep the cells healthy. Folic acid is one essential nutrient that must be combined with B12 in order for it to be processed by the body. Folic acid is naturally occurring in flour (which is why gluten-free individuals take a folic acid supplement). You’ll notice many supplements combine B12 with folic acid because they work well together.