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Top 9 Benefits of Coconut Oil

healthy butter and cooking oil replacement

Healthy Butter and Cooking Oil Replacement

Many oils have a low smoking point and become carcinogenic when used for cooking. Coconut oil has a high smoking point and, unlike olive oil and grape seed oil, it is more safe to cook with. Instead of oxidizing and turning into a rancid substance, it maintains it’s structure and does not turn into something that is bad for your body. It can be used in place of butter in most recipes and, instead of creating unhealthy cholesterol and clogging the arteries, it helps the brain function better. If you replace butter with coconut oil you will get many useful nutrients that make your hair, skin, and nails more healthy instead of doing damage to your body.

Speeds the Metabolism Up

Recent studies proved that coconut oil actually speeds up the metabolism. The metabolism is regulated by the balance of hormones in the body. If you want to speed up your metabolism, take two tablespoon of coconut oil each day. This will jump start your metabolism as well as regulate your hormones. Your thyroid and glandular system regulates hormones in your body and coconut oil has been proven to help the thyroid as well. You can gain weight if your filter organs, such as the liver, do not remove hormones from your body quickly enough. Coconut oil is also an excellent laxative and helps your digestion and removal of waste and hormones from the body.

Reduces Constipation

This superfood is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the inflammation in the body that leads to constipation. When the intestines are inflamed and swollen they can push on the back and cause back pain. Not to mention, swollen intestines make it harder for food to pass through. Coconut oil helps you absorb other nutrients through the stomach lining and this is a big part of why it will improve your overall health. Instead of passing many of the nutrients right through your body, they will be more utilized as energy.