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Top 9 Benefits of Ginger



Anti-carcinogenic means that ginger is one of the strongest natural cancer fighting plants available to you. Just like lemon and garlic, this plant has been used medicinally to fight and prevent cancer. Many people are aware of some of the awesome benefits of ginger, but few know that it is helpful in fighting cancer. Studies have shown ginger to help lower the development of different types of cancer like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and pancreatic cancer. The more natural foods you consume (meaning plants), especially traditional medicinal plants, as opposed to processed things that are being marketed as real food, the more your body will be able to foster it’s self-healing mechanisms. Because ginger is a natural antioxidant, it can help reduce inflammation that can break down the immune system in the body and leave it open to attack or trigger diseases people are genetically predisposed to.

Improves Cognitive Function

Memory, mental clarity, and emotional stability can be greatly improved by consuming ginger. Because ginger is such a strong antioxidant, many Alzheimer’s patients have experienced positive effects from including ginger in their diet. It can help reduce the affects and stave off it’s onset when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Memory loss can be a result of poor organ health or slow digestion and ginger helps with both of those issues. Memory is also associated with the purity of the blood which is improved by the increased digestive rate provided by ginger. The effects of aging are a result of the systems of the body not working together well and the antioxidants in ginger can help reduce the overall process of aging that many people think is inevitable and bad. Studies have proven that ginger is effective for retaining and improving the memory.

Can Help Relieve Cramps for Women

As if ginger wasn’t already incredible enough, another added benefit of this miracle plant is that is can help relieve menstrual cramps that women get while on their period. Women can take ginger in tea, juiced, cooked into food, or added as a ground spice in their food. There are many good cold ginger beverage options in supermarkets now as well. Ginger should be taken for, at least, the first three days and hopefully women won’t need to take pharmaceutical drugs which can make their stomach hurt and can even make them throw up if taken without food. This has been proven as an effective method for many women instead of drugs.

Helps Reduce Cholesterol

It’s shocking how many people are on medication for high cholesterol. Most people don’t realize how much their diet has to do with their cholesterol levels and just take the pill they are given and go about their life experiencing negative side effects from the drugs and not really getting any healthier. Luckily, ginger is a safe and cheap way to reduce your blood cholesterol. The tea is delicious and many people find ginger smoothies, ginger spice, and ginger brews a tasty treat.