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Top 18 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural Teeth Whitener

13. A natural teeth whitener

There are many products that promote teeth whitening, but some of them can be bad for your tooth enamel. Using apple cider vinegar; however, may be a safe and natural way to eliminate staining teeth. Using apple cider vinegar, it is helpful to swish and gargle every day to fight stained teeth. In addition, gargling with this can help to whiten your teeth and stop any bacteria from growing in your mouth. This is a win-win combination for the health of your mouth.

14. Stop bruising on your skin

Bruises can show up on your skin for various reasons, but when they show up, they can be unsightly to the eyes. Often caused from broken or inflamed arteries and veins in the vasculature, bruises can be prevented with apple cider vinegar due to the anti-inflammatory properties in it. The best way to prevent bruises is to apply apple cider directly to the bruise itself. It will initially cause the bruise to change its color, but over time it will help eliminate it and heal the area.

15. Improve blood sugar

Diabetics have a plethora of products they cannot consume, which makes healthy options more difficult when the time comes. Fortunately, apple cider vinegar can help control blood sugar in a way similar to certain medications. Researchers at Arizona State University have followed the effects of apple cider vinegar and have found that it prevents and slows the breakdown of starches in the digestion process. When this happens, blood sugar benefits and is not elevated as high as it normally would.